Do you like poker, we wonder at Then you’ve definitely found the site designed for those who like to play poker online in particular. Since online poker made its intrusion on the net, we Swedes have got to know us with many interesting variations of the poker game. In the past, well just fiveed dark poker, poker points and Chicago that were the usual among card game gangs around the country. Now we can have us in Texas Hold’em, Stud poker and many other different variants. Some of these are major subjects and contain several subgroups.

such as different draw poker, variations in stud poker and a whole second variant. No matter who you prefer, you are cordially Welcome to! The now most popular are the big games Texas and Omaha. Most of us play these in online poker tournaments. But for those who are new to poker at the casinos, we at will be very helpful. At you can also read more specifically about some online casinos that hold a very high level.

Texas Hold’em

Is what most people now symbolize with what poker stands for. Partly by playing online themselves in different casinos and poker sites. The game usually starts with the players making their bets. In addition to these, all players who wish to join the dealer will need to put in a bet. If you have a dealer, one of the players will get a button that indicates that he is the symbolic dealer so that the next player has advance to the left of the dealer.

Two players left

This differs slightly if only two players remain at the table. This is how the first two cards are dealt – the so-called hole cards, to each player, where bidding in some order takes place. Then the flop is placed, first three cards and finally the last two, one at a time. In between hails bidding or player folds. Players shall pair their two cards with the open ones to form viable combinations. The player with the best card takes home the pot but it can also be rundpass. Further about Texas rules and game time is also available on this site.


Texas Hold’em is the most common game in poker tournaments. Exactly where when and how Texas Poker arose is not verified but the state of Texas claims that the game was born in Robstown, a small town near the Gulf Coast. The advent should have been dated to the first few years of the 1900 century. The casino in Las Vegas came in the game 1967. It became immediately popular most thanks to the bets in hold ´ em four times. The first was hold ‘ em – as it was only then called.

In 1969, the first major official poker tournament was held where Texas Hold’em was one of the games. The following year, the rights were taken over by Bininth’s Horseshoe when the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) was launched. From the year 1971, no limit Texas hold ´ was the main event at the races and is so still today.

The popularity increases according to us at

At the beginning of the millennium, the game shape took on record speed as the big tournaments were broadcast. So, video sites like YouTube came with clips that brought about the further spread of the game. The number of participants in online poker soared and lots of different poker clients that could be downloaded to the computer were produced. The most desirable was that online poker be able to qualify for the annual WSOP where the really big prize pools were raised in height.

Chris Moneymaker & Jamie Gold

The Texas Hold’em era is said to have started when amateur Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP 2003. Moneymaker had managed to qualify for the Poker World Cup through a satellite that only cost $33 and won the first prize of 2.5 million. That year had the WSOP 839 participants which can be compared to 2004 years of participants who were 2576 pieces! When amateur Moneymaker managed to klonka the Poker World Cup, they felt it was common for anyone to cope with it. Play Poker Online

The culmination was reached in 2005 when Jamie Gold from New York took home the victory with $12 million. Thereafter, the first prize sum was just under 10 million and 2014 won Martin Jacobsson as the first Swedish winner, USD 10 million. For Swedes, Unibet Open may be the first step to the WSOP. This European tournament has been played since 2007. Subtournaments and the finals are held in various locations in Europe such as Budapest, Prague, Riga, Malta and Madrid. Bucharest hosted the Jubilee in 2017, a tournament won by Marius Pertea with a prize sum of almost €10 million. tells us about poker at Casino

In recent years, Live Casino has become mightily popular. Besides games like roulette, blackjack and Punto Banco There are a variety of poker games. The difference between these and, for example. The table games Texas Hold’em is that you play against a dealer, not against opponents. These have resembled names like poker three, casino poker and more. Playing against a living dealer is extremely exciting where everything is done via direct link in real time.

Other card games like Video poker are also very nice to play, especially as the chances of winning are unusually large. No matter which of the listed poker games you like best, we hope that you will enjoy a lot of fun and!

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